Wraithbone Reinforcement
Wraithbone reinforcement hardens the frontal armour for 20 seconds. The frontal armour of the ship is considered as Super-Heavy.
Holofield Overload
Holofield overcharge allows the ship to absorb 100% of incoming attacks for a short period of time.
Disruption Bomb
The Disruption Bomb can be teleported in a medium range. When it explodes, it depletes all shields in its effect area. Once teleported, the Disruption Bomb will take 10 seconds to activate reducing the shield of every ship in its range to 0.
Plasma Bomb
The Plasma Bomb can be teleported within a medium range. When it explodes, it deals up to 100 damages in the area, ignoring armour. Once teleported, the Plasma Bomb will take 10 seconds to activate.
Augur Disruptor
Every enemy ship in a medium range around the ship has their detection range suppressed for a short time.
Stasis Bomb
The Stasis Bomb can be teleported within a medium range. When it explodes, it slows everything down in its effect area. Once teleported, the Stasis Bomb will take 15 seconds to activate slowing down everything that get through its field by 85%. The Stasis Bomb slows down ships, ordnances, torpedoes, cooldowns, and delays.
Targeted ship is uncontrollable and attacking this ship at close range for 15 seconds.
Wandering Spirit Stone
Deploys a stationary device that has a detection range of 5000 units. The beacon can be fixed on a ship without shield.
Wraithbone Probe
Send a probe to reveal the position of the enemy ships. It goes straight at a speed of 600 The probe moves in a straight line and can be sent 360° around the ship. Every ship within the detection range of 2500 of the probe is identified.
Webway Slip
Teleport and reorientate the ship within its detection range. The ship can't be deployed too close to an allied or enemy ship.
Darkstar Squadron
A fighter squadron is deployed to defend around a ship. The fighter squadron will act as a normal squadron. If the skill is launched when the Darkstar squadron is already outside, it will replenish the ranks of the squadron to its maximum.
Vaul's Manoeuvre
The ship effects a 180° turn.
Enter the Webway
When activated, the ship will stop and load its entry into the Webway for 15 seconds. The ship will then be considered disengaged. On cooldown at the start of a battle. If an enemy ship performed a successful assault action on the ship it will disable the Warp Jump.
The ship will regain 2 hull points per second for 45 seconds.
All fires on-board the ship are extinguished.
The torpedo skill allows the ship to launch a spread of torpedoes from the prow. Warning: Torpedoes can hit your own ships! Torpedoes are activated after travelling a distance of 500. Torpedoes move in a straight line, dealing 45 damage and ignoring shields.
Activate Pulsars
Activate the ship's pulsars, emitting beams that inflict damage every second to any ships that hit them for a short time. Armour provides minimal protection against pulsars. Damage is scaled by the number of pulsars on the ship. Warning, pulsars can hit your own ships.
Activate Heavy Pulsars
Activate a ship's heavy pulsars, emitting beams that inflict damage every second to any ships that hit them for a short time. Armour provides minimal protection against Heavy Pulsars. Damage is scaled by the number of heavy pulsars on the ship. Warning, heavy pulsars can hit your own ships.
Void Predator
When the ship is in a gas cloud, an asteroid field or a wreckage field, enemy Macro-Cannons suffer a 20 points penalty in accuracy.
Phoenix Sail
The ship's maximum speed is improved by 75 points when it uses a move order. The bonus is lost in case of an attack order.
Dragon Sail
The ship's maximum speed is improved by 50 points.
Spectral Helm
The rotation speed of the ship is improved by 5° per second.
Polarized Field
The damage done by the asteroids to the ship are negated.
Reinforced Holofield
The ship's Holofield maximum chances to deny a hit is improved to 50%.
Deflecting Holofield
Chances of a critical malfunction by enemy weaponry (not including assault actions) are 1.5 instead of 2.
Webway Portal
The loading time for the Warp disengage is reduced by 50%. This reduction also apply if the generator of the ship is destroyed.
Wraithbone Bridge
The ship can continue to use "Special Orders" when its deck is destroyed.
Vigilant Spirit Stones
The detection range of the ship is raised by 2,500 units.
Enhanced Infinity Circuit
The duration of the following Special Orders are raised by 50% on the ship: "Lock on", "Brace for Impact".
Webway Escape Portal
The "Crew in Replacement" penalty has 50% chances of not being applied when the ship is destroyed.
Hull Reinforcement
The Line Ship's hull is improved by 100 points. The Escort Ship's hull is improved by 50 points.
Extra Turrets
The ship is fitted with 3 additional defence turrets.
Void Blending
Improves the duration of the Special Order "Running Silent" on this ship by 100%.
Aspect of the Fire Dragon
Fires last 50% shorter.
Rune-Assisted Targeting Node
The Shurikens long range accuracy is improved. Affects the accuracy from 9k units of distance and above.
Accelerated Batteries
The range of all Shurikens on the ship are increased by 3000 units.
Blessing of Vaul
The ship's Shuriken weapons ignore the enemy armour at 3000 units or less.
Efficient Pilots
The cooldowns of squadrons is diminished by 20%.
Enhanced Crystal Focusing
The range of all the ship's Pulsars are increased by 3000 units.
Multi-Vector Crystal Focusing
When using the "Lock On" Special Order, Pulsars chances of dealing a critical damage are increased by 300%.
Resonating Crystal Focusing
The ship's Pulsars deal 50% more damage against shield.
Webway Strike Portals
A lightning strike can deal 1 additional critical damage. Affect all lightning strikes skills.
The presence of Harlequins on a ship can only mean one thing: Cegorach, the Laughing God, needs this vessel for his mysterious plans. Harlequins are only here to ensure the ship follows their god's plans to the letter.
Reduces by 10% per level the chances of insubordination when the ship reaches 30% of its hull integrity. Reduces by 2% the chances of insubordination when a Line Ship is lost per level. Reduces by 1% the chances of insubordination when an Escort Ship is lost per level. Warning: The Admiral Ship of your fleet can't become insubordinate.
Reduces the duration of the "Lost in Warp" state by 1 turn per level.
Bonesingers are Eldar that have mastered the art of the Wraithbone, and that are able to build or repair anything made out of Wraithbone only by concentrating sufficiently.
Improves the efficiency of "Emergency Repairs" by 0.3 points/second per level.
Prior to training their latent psychic talents, Warlocks walked the Path of the Warrior. The enables them to combine both the military rigour and ability to foresee the near future – both of which makes them excellent at managing and maximising the offensive systems of Eldar ships.
Improves by 25% the critical chance of Lances and Macro-Cannons per level.
Consisting of skilled warriors found by the Prince Corsair, Blade Sworn are efficient forces that fend off attackers and invade enemy ships with equal ease.
Improves the troop value of the ship by 3 per level.
Outcasts are Eldar without a home to attach themselves to. They often become Corsairs, a life that suits their aloof outlook.
Reduces the cooldown time of all skills by 4% per level.
Young, fearless, and followers of the Path of the Outcast, Eagle Pilots devote themselves to the art of dogfighting and bombing, transforming a devastating spatial raid into a strangely elegant dance of skill and death, where each move hypnotizes their foes and each second reduces their number.
Give to ordnances 10% chances per level to avoid destruction when hit. This percentage cumulates with other chances of avoiding destruction.
Alaitoc Craftworld
Stricter than any other Craftworld, most Eldar from Alaitoc choose to wander the galaxy as Rangers. As a consequence, Alaitoc is considered a specialist in surprise attacks and is destructive behind enemy lines.
Cameleoline alloy
As long as the ship isn't moving, it is considered hidden, not even appearing as a bleep on long range scanners. Short range scanners still detect the ship.
Pathfinder webway assault
The ship sends a Ranger strike team, causing critical damage automatically. Can target a ship with its shield active.
Biel-Tan Craftworld
Biel-Tan Eldar are the fiercer of their kins. Believing that destruction of a lesser species is critical for the dawn of the new Eldar Empire, this Craftworld contains numerous Aspects Warriors, and Kaela Mensha Khaine, the Eldar god of War, is revered both in battle and in daily life.
Aspect Warriors
Aspect Warriors add 3 assault actions to Boardings.
Avatar of Khaine
The Avatar of Khaine replaces the basic Lightning Strike. This action cannot be performed on a ship which still has its shield up. The Avatar of Khaine adds 50 assault actions to the Lightning Strike. The Avatar of Khaine's chances of dealing critical damage to the targeted ship are based on its troop value.
Saim-Hann Craftworld
Specialized in hit-and-run tactics using fast units and crippling their foes, the Eldar of Saim-Hann are often seen by their enemies, but generally only seconds before their death.
As long as the ship is hidden, its attacks inflict 2% their normal damage.
Phantom Disruption
The enemy ship's scanners within 10,000 units are crippled and have their detection range reduced by 50% for 20 seconds.
Ulthwe Craftworld
Located near the Eye of Terror, the Ulthwe Craftworld has seen its population becoming more and more proficient in the use of psychic abilities, with surges of many Warlocks and Farseers able to see the future more clearly than any other Craftworld's Farseers, and thus reacting more quickly to threats not even already here.
Psychic Blockade
Disturbing enemy teleportation, the ship's troop value is increased by 30% against Lightning strikes.
The ship invokes a storm of raw psychic energy within 10,000 units. The Maelstrom inflicts 4 Hull Damage per second to ships in it. The damage dealt by the Maelstrom ignores its target's armour. Warning: the Maelstrom can hit your own ships!