Supercharged Void Shield
The supercharged void shield become impenetrable for 10 seconds.
Emergency Capacitor
The emergency shield increases the regeneration rate of the shield by 2.5%.
Disruption Bomb
The Disruption Bomb can be teleported in a medium range. When it explodes, it depletes all shields in its effect area. Once teleported, the Disruption Bomb will take 10 seconds to activate reducing the shield of every ship in its range to 0.
Plasma Bomb
The Plasma Bomb can be teleported within a medium range. When it explodes, it deals up to 100 damages in the area, ignoring armour. Once teleported, the Plasma Bomb will take 10 seconds to activate.
Augur Disruptor
Every enemy ship in a medium range around the ship has their detection range suppressed for a short time.
Stasis Bomb
The Stasis Bomb can be teleported within a medium range. When it explodes, it slows everything down in its effect area. Once teleported, the Stasis Bomb will take 15 seconds to activate slowing down everything that get through its field by 85%. The Stasis Bomb slows down ships, ordnances, torpedoes, cooldowns, and delays.
Targeted ship is uncontrollable and attacking this ship at close range for 15 seconds.
Void Shield Transfer
The ship gives some shield points to the targeted ship, instantly refilling it by 10 points.
Recon Beacon
Deploys a stationary device that has a detection range of 5000 units. The beacon can be fixed on a ship without shield.
Augur Probe
Send a probe to reveal the position of the enemy ships. It goes straight at a speed of 600 The probe moves in a straight line and can be sent 360° around the ship. Every ship within the detection range of 2500 of the probe is identified.
Micro Warp Jump
Teleport and reorientate the ship within its detection range. The ship can't be deployed too close to an allied or enemy ship.
Enhanced Induction Cells
Enhanced induction cells allows your ship to replenish its manoeuvre gauge instantly.
Warp Jump
When activated, the ship will stop and load its Warp jump for 15 seconds. The ship will then be considered disengaged. On cooldown at the start of a battle. If an enemy ship performed a successful assault action on the ship it will disable the Warp Jump.
Emergency Repairs
The ship will regain 2 hull points per second for 45 seconds.
All fires on-board the ship are extinguished.
The torpedo skill allows the ship to launch a spread of torpedoes from the prow. Warning: Torpedoes can hit your own ships! Torpedoes are activated after travelling a distance of 500. Torpedoes move in a straight line, dealing 45 damage and ignoring shields.
Manoeuvring Thrusters
The rotation speed of the ship is improved by 5° per second.
Efficient Plasma Thrusters
The Combustion Gauge used for special manoeuvres is improved by 25%.
Auxiliary Power Relays
The ship's maximum speed is improved by 50 points.
Emissions Dissipater
Special manoeuvres will not reveal the ship anymore.
Navigational Shields
Asteroid damage to the ship is negated.
Auxiliary Shield Capacitors
The reloading speed of the shield is improved by 50%.
Additional Void Shield Generator
The Line Ship's shield is Improved by 100 points. The Escort Ship's shield is improved by 50 points.
Improved Warp Engine
The loading time for Warp disengagement is reduced by 50%. This reduction also applies if the ship's generator is destroyed.
Improved Augur Array
The detection range of the ship is raised by 2,500 units.
Belt Armour
The first critical damage inflicted to a system (Deck, Generator or Engines) is ignored.
Generator Security Team
The ship gains +10 Troop Value against assault actions trying to cancel its Warp jump.
Enhanced Battle Bridge
The ship can continue to use "Special Orders" when its deck is destroyed.
Hull Reinforcement
The Line Ship's hull is Improved by 100 points. The Escort Ship's hull is improved by 50 points.
Extra Turrets
The ship is fitted with 3 additional defence turrets.
Improves the duration of the "Running Silent" Special Order on this ship by 100%.
Fire Protection System
Fires last 50% shorter.
Turbo Weaponry
The range of all Macro-Cannons on the ship are increased by 3,000 units.
Additional Teleportarium
A lightning strike can deal 1 additional critical damage. Affect all lightning strikes skills.
Armour-Piercing Ammunition
The ship's Macro-Cannons ignore the enemy armour at 3,000 units or less.
Automated Refuelling Systems
The cooldowns of squadrons is diminished by 20%.
Disruption Overcharge
The ship's lances do 50% more damage against shields.
Overload Generator
When using the "Lock On" Special Order, Lances' chances of dealing a critical damage are increased by 300%.
Refined Lenses
The range of all Lances on the ship are increased by 3,000 units.
Targeting Matrix
The Macro-Cannon's long range penalty is reduced. Affects the accuracy from 9k units of distance and above.
Daemonic influence penetrates the minds of every crew member on Chaos ships to exalt them and assure their complete obedience to the Chaos Gods.
Reduces by 10% per level the chances of insubordination when the ship reaches 30% of its hull integrity. Reduces by 2% the chances of insubordination when a Line Ship is lost per level. Reduces by 1% the chances of insubordination when an Escort Ship is lost per level. Warning: The Admiral Ship of your fleet can't become insubordinate.
The nature of their powers often puts Navigators in contact with the forces of Chaos that roam the warp. Some of them eventually succumb to the promises and end up serving the Ruinous Powers.
Reduces the duration of the "Lost in Warp" state by 1 turn per level.
Tech-priests that decided to follow Horus instead of the Emperor now offer their knowledge and skills to the Gods of Chaos, and are called Hereteks by the Loyalists.
Improves the efficiency of "Emergency Repairs" by 0.3 points/second per level.
Whilst a Captain is in control of his ship, many of the subsystems are controlled by a daemonic presence that lurks within. The Possessed-Gunner is a mere vessel in which the shadow of the dark gods is more present, and through him, the ruinous powers themselves lay waste to those that stand before them.
Improves by 25% the critical chance of Lances and Macro-Cannons per level.
From the blood-soaked sacrificial cults to the philosophical secret societies of more advanced worlds, the temptations of Chaos can capture all. Chaos Cults can arise from any class of Imperial society, be it impoverished, noble, hive-gang, abhuman, soldiers, or mutant.
Improves the troop value of the ship by 3 per level.
Slaves serve the Ruinous powers as an expendable and mindless workforce. Slaves are totally dominated by a ship's captain and will serve him until their last breath.
Reduces the cooldown time of all skills by 4% per level.
Acclimatised to tri-dimensional combat and able to use the warp as a natural talent, Warp Talon pilots are a horrifically effective tool for a Chaos Squadron, striking at the enemies heart with both fear and terror that only a Chaos Space Marine can
Give to ordnances 10% chances per level to avoid destruction when hit. This percentage cumulates with other chances of avoiding destruction.
Mark of Khorne
Khorne is the Chaos god of anger, violence, and hate. Khorne is the mightiest and the second to emerge of the four Gods of Chaos. Every act of violence gives Khorne power, whether committed by his followers or by their enemies.
The ship is granted +10 to its troop value.
Daemonic Lightning Strike
The Daemonic Lightning Strike replaces the basic Lightning Strike. This action cannot be performed on a ship which still has its shield up. The Daemonic Lightning Strike adds 1 assault action to the Lightning Strike. The Daemonic Lightning Strike's chances of dealing critical damage to the targeted ship are based on its troop value.
Mark of Nurgle
Nurgle is one of the four major Ruinous Powers. He is the the oldest of the four, most probably because he is the God of Death and Decay and those two have been part of the galaxy since the beginning. Nurgle represents morbidity, disease and physical corruption.
Void-Locust cloudswarm
Every enemy ship within 2500 units of the ship suffers 3 Hull Damage per second.
Den of Pestilence
Troop value is raised by 20.
Mark of Slaanesh
Slaanesh is the Chaos God of lust, greed, excess, pain, pleasure, perfection and hedonism. Slaanesh was the last of the major Chaos Gods to be born, coming into existence with the collapse of the Eldar civilisation.
Siren of Slaanesh
Every enemy ship within 3000 units has its insubordination chances raised by 10%. Other instances of this upgrade stacks together.
Slaanesh's Promise
The targeted enemy ship loses all its active Special Orders.
Mark of Tzeentch
Tzeentch is the third born God of Chaos who represents the vitality and volatility of change. Tzeentch is closely associated with sorcery and magic, as well as dynamic mutation and grand convoluted scheming.
Warp Signature Echo
Allows the ship to create an unidentified decoy in any direction around it. The decoy moves in a straight line and can be sent 360° around the ship. The decoy moves at the speed of the ship which has launched it. A button above the Echo allows the ship to switch places.
Wind of Change
Allows the ship to create area around it which has the same properties as the gas field. Replace the "Running Silent" special order. The bonuses provided by the Wind of Change are only shared with Chaos ships.