Cruiser Clash
In Cruiser Clash, the only goal is to destroy or rout the entire enemy fleet.
Convoys are missions in which valuable transport ships carry personnel and supplies from one system to another.
Attacker: Destroy more than half the enemy transport ships.
Defender: Get more than half your transport ships across the map.
Planetary Assault
Planetary Assaults are battles on which the fate of systems depends on the armies that fight on their ground. Spatial supremacy and firepower will be vital to win the world.
Attacker: Reach indicated areas with indicated ships in time.
Defender: Force the attacker to miss enough objectives.
Space Station Assault
Space Station Assault involves huge stations used for maintenance of the ships composing a fleet, making them a valuable asset to keep, or to destroy.
Attacker: Destroy the space station in time.
Defender: Destroy the enemy fleet or hold long enough.
Breakthroughs involve a blockade in a part of space that is critical to keep a system under control. A set of defensive platforms materialise the choke point of the conflict.
Attacker: Destroy defence platforms and get Line Ships across the map.
Defender: Destroy enough enemy Line Ships or hold long enough.
In Assassinations missions, an important officer is on board an admiral ship. His vulnerability will create the perfect opportunity to strike him down.
Attacker: Destroy the targeted enemy ship.
Defender: Destroy the enemy fleet or disengage the target.
Data Recovery
Data Recovery missions involve a ship containing sensible data for the factions of the conflict as they try to get the edge on their opponents through it.
Attacker: Seize the data by assault action and disengage with it
Defender: Disengage with the data