• Your fleets in Battlefleet Gothic are persistent: your captains and their ship's crew increase in levels, as well as yourself. Gaining ranks as an admiral allows you to field a broader variety of ships, including the biggest Battleships. When captains get new levels, it opens new skill slots for their ships to increase their performances.
  • Port Maw is the largest and most sophisticated harbour in the Segmentum. Here, you can see what services are available to you at your current rank, experience, and renown.
  • Every ship has access to skills, tied to their equipment (such as special weapons), as well as abilities chosen for the ship when their captain levels up. These special skills allow the players to tweak their fleet to suit their gameplay style. Skills may focus on support, agility, tanking, firepower or even detection, totally change the battle approach of ships.
  • Additionally to skills, ships can be given various upgrades. These are passive bonuses giving further customisation opportunities. For example, you can enhance a specific weapon type, increase detection range, make the engines "run silent", strengthen the hull or increase shield capacity... Whether you're a cautious admiral, a bold tactician, or a hotheaded officer, you'll find the upgrades to suit your fleet.
  • While destroyed ships are not entirely lost – you can either wait for repairs, or pay a hefty sum of Renown points to get an immediate replacement – battles may have medium-term effects. For example, a ship lost in the warp will remain so for multiple battles, requiring you to rely on other ships in the meantime.