Ork pirates are brutally direct, with their ships rushing headlong towards their targets, guns firing wildly as they come. Unfortunately Ork ships are exceeding heavily armed for their size, so this tactic is harder to defeat than might be imagined.
What Orks lack in finesse, they make up in raw strength. Their ships are designed to take hits while they rush from distance, and their weapons and boarding wreaks havoc on enemy ships unlucky enough to have been caught too close. Their weaknesses are bad manoeuvrability, and weak rear armour. Be sure to cover the back of your ships and don't get surrounded. Orks are a difficult faction not recommended for new players.
All ships are customisable.
Very resilient ships.
Very strong at assault actions.
More likely to disobey.
Poor manoeuvrability.
Poor accuracy and range.
Ships list
  • Ravager
  • Savage
  • Onslaught
  • Brute Ram
  • Basha
  • Kill Kroozer
  • Hammer
  • DethDeala
Particular Traits
Ork accuracy: Defines the accuracy of Orks Gunz and Kannonz depending on the distance of its target:
  • - 3 000 units: 75%
  • - 6 000 units: 50%
  • - 9 000 units: 25%
  • - 12 000 units: 0%
Noisy Orks: These crewmen tend to make a lot of noise over vox channels or by other means facilitating their detection, and cancelling their capacity at concealing themselves.
Disorganized: Troops aboard the ship have trouble with the concept of hierarchy, and hence have 100% more chance of insubordination.
Chance of insubordination:
  • - 40% at 30% of hull integrity.
  • - 16% for a Line Ship loss.
  • - 4% for an Escort Ship loss.
Coward Crew: The ship's captain cannot be executed if he insubordinates.
Savage Boarding: Orks' savagery gives them one additional Assault Action during boardings.
Big Red Button: Orks reactor designs are flawed and less manoeuvrable. Their All Ahead Full Manoeuvres are stronger but shorter and give more random boosts than others.
Kustom: Orks can Kustomize their ships, with a wide array of weapons.