The Imperial Navy is one of the armed forces employed by the Imperium. The Imperial Navy is responsible for the fleets of warships that soar between the stars and planets in the Imperium as well as engaging threats both inside and outside the Imperium's borders.
The Imperium is a faction composed of sturdy ships with standard capabilities and various offensive strengths. Their strong frontal armour and powerful prow weaponries make them efficient in closing in on the enemy fleet before unleashing the powers of their side macro-batteries.Quite straightforward and versatile, they tend to be a good start.
The powerful Nova Cannon.
Strong prow armour.
Many ships can use torpedoes.
Not very effective at long range.
Slow ships.
Ships list
  • Sword Frigate
  • Firestorm Frigate
  • Cobra Destroyer
Light Cruiser:
  • Dauntless
  • Dauntless mk2
  • Dictator
  • Dominator
  • Gothic
  • Tyrant
  • Lunar
Battle Cruiser:
  • Overlord
  • Mars
  • Retribution
  • Emperor
Particular Traits
Imperial Accuracy: Defines the accuracy of Imperial macro-weapons depending on the distance of its target:
  • - 3 000 units: 80%
  • - 6 000 units: 60%
  • - 9 000 units: 40%
  • - 12 000 units: 20%
Imperium Manoeuvres: Issued with standard Imperial engines, the Imperium's vessels are able to perform All Ahead full manoeuvre to increase their speed as well as the High Energy Turn manoeuvre to quickly reorientate the ship.
Loyalty: The crew of this ship can, under specific events, try to be in insubordination. A ship can't be in insubordination if its Warp Jump is on cooldown.
Chance of insubordination:
  • - 30% at 30% of hull integrity.
  • - 12% for a Line Ship loss.
  • - 3% for an Escort Ship loss.