The Eldar space fleet is a force of highly advanced craft which are lighter and faster than the other ships of their kind but also a lot more delicate, partly relying on solar sails for propulsion and using their speed to avoid fire rather than heavy armour to absorb it.
Eldar align fragile but powerful vessels, with an emphasis on prow weaponry and speed. Their holofields make them more resilient the faster they go, so be sure to keep moving at all times. Make good use of the "Focusing Target" order (not to be mistaken with the "Lock On!" special order) and micromanaging to place powerful hit and run attacks that get the maximum out of their holofields. Eldar are a difficult faction not recommended for new players.
Very fast and manoeuvrable ships.
Best fighters and bombers.
Less likely to disobey.
Very fragile ships.
Most weapons on fronts.
Very vulnerable to assault action.
Ships list
  • Hellebore
  • Night Shade
  • Aconite
  • Hemlock
  • Aurora
  • Solaris
  • Shadow
  • Eclipse
  • Void Stalker
Particular Traits
Eldar accuracy: Defines the accuracy of Eldar Shuriken Cannons depending on the distance of its target:
  • - 3 000 units: 85%
  • - 6 000 units: 70%
  • - 9 000 units: 55%
  • - 12 000 units: 40%
Disciplined: The crew members of this ship have learnt the importance of discipline and are less likely to disobey direct orders.
Chance of insubordination:
  • - 20% at 30% of hull integrity.
  • - 8% for a Line Ship loss.
  • - 2% for an Escort Ship loss.
Fragile: The ship is made of less resistant components which, while still as efficient as others, break more easily.
Solar Sails: Eldar store solar energy rather than use reactors. It can be used for a tiny but powerful burst of energy forward, but they do not have the All Ahead Full special manoeuvre.
Holofields: Instead of shields, this ship is equipped with Holofields that entirely absorbs some enemy attacks. The quicker the ship moves, the more efficient Holofields become.
Wraithbone Shift: Shifting the composition of the Wraithbone to act as a solar capacitor, allowing the solar sails to overcharge quickly but briefly. The speed burst resulting is often used by Eldars to surprise their adversaries.