The fleets of Chaos are primarily made of ships that have turned traitor over the millennia. As such, a Chaos fleet can appear like a damned parody of the Imperial Navy's history, full of ships that have long since left service and are rarely seen outside of the Eye of Terror.
The Chaos fleets are specialised on low blow tactics, such as firing from afar, sending ordnances and deceiving the enemy. They have numerous lances and launch bays but weak armour. Be sure to have a few ships specialised in defence to hold the enemy forces at bay while the remainder send them warp-wards from a distance.
Long range ships.
Fast ships.
Many launch bays.
Low damage with Macro-Cannons.
Not many torpedoes.
No heavy armour.
Ships list
  • Iconoclast
  • Idolator
  • Infidel
  • Hellbringer
  • Hellbringer mk2
  • Slaughter
  • Carnage
  • Murder
  • Devastation
  • Acheron
  • Hades
  • Styx
  • Desolator
  • Despoiler
Particular Traits
Chaos Accuracy: Defines the accuracy of Chaos macro-weapons depending on the distance of its target:
  • - 3 000 units: 80%
  • - 6 000 units: 60%
  • - 9 000 units: 40%
  • - 12 000 units: 20%
Chaos Manoeuvres: Equipped with corrupted Imperial engines, the Chaos's ships are able to perform All Ahead full manoeuvre to increase their speed as well as the High Energy Turn manoeuvre to quickly reorientate the ship.
Loyalty: The crew of this ship can, under specific events, try to be in insubordination. A ship can't be in insubordination if its Warp Jump is on cooldown.
Chance of insubordination:
  • - 30% at 30% of hull integrity.
  • - 12% for a Line Ship loss.
  • - 3% for an Escort Ship loss.