Positioning your fleet: At the start of a mission, you'll be asked to deploy your fleet in the starting area. Your fleet's ships are shown in the top left corner of the screen.
Ships orientation: To place your ships, simply click in the green deployment area. To orient them in a direction, maintain the click and move the mouse in the desired direction, then release the click.
Redeployment: To redeploy a ship, click on the "Redeploy" button above it, then click on the ship's desired new position.
Selecting multiple ships: You can select multiple ships by maintaining a left click from one point to another to create a selection square. Releasing the click will select all ships in the square.
Managing group selection: You can add/remove ships to the current selection by pressing Ctrl and clicking on the desired ship.
Control groups: You can create control groups with Ctrl + 1, 2, (etc…) while ships are selected, and go back to this group quickly with the symbol used at the creation of the control group.
Stealth: Ships can be hidden from enemy sight in various ways. Hide inside a gas cloud or an asteroid field, or order your ships to stay silent in the control panel to disappear on enemies' long range radars.
Ship Identification: At long range, ships are represented by Blips, which gives away their positions, but not their size, data and types. Use abilities or your ships' short range scans to identify the threat.
Ship Alteration
Heavy Damages: Ships taking enough damage are considered heavily damaged. They won't participate in the next battle unless you pay for express repairs.
Destroyed ships: Ships that sustain too much damage explode. They will be unable to participate in the next two battles unless you pay for express repairs twice, and its upgrades are lost.
Emergency Warp Jump: Order the retreat of your ships by ordering a Warp Jump. After a while it will flee from battle. You can automate it with a Right-Click on the skill or cancel it by clicking on`"Cancel War`" above the ship.
Lost in Warp: Ships that disengage with a Warp jump may suffer the Lost in Warp penalty. A ship lost in Warp can't be played for several turns.
Hull Integrity: If it reaches 15% of its value, the ship is heavily damaged. If it reaches 0, the ship is destroyed.
Shield: Slowly regenerates by 2% per second if the ship isn't hit for 10 seconds. Slowly recharges by 2% per second when depleted.
Speed: Defines your ship's speed.
Rotation: Defines your ship's ability to reorient itself in a new direction.
Detection: Blips in this range are identified. Concealed vessels are revealed and identified as long as they stay in this range.
Troop Value: Defines the percentage chances of a ship's resistance to an assault action.
Turrets: Intercept ordnances and torpedoes. Each turret raises the Troop Value by 1%, but only against Boardings. For each 100 hull integrity points lost, the ship loses a turret.
Armour: Indicate the chances of totally blocking incoming attacks. The values define Front/Side/Rear armour.
Macro-Cannons: Macro-Cannons are standard weaponry. The accuracy of this weapon decreases with distance.
Lances: Lances are energy beams that will always hit the target and ignore its armour.
Shields: Shields will absorb damage done to the ship. Once depleted, the shield will replenish over time.
Bomber Squadron: Bomber Squadrons are deployed from the ship's launch bay Bombers attack the targeted ship, ignoring its shield. Bombers are vulnerable to Fighter Squadrons and Defence Turrets.
Assault Boats: Assault Boats are deployed from the ship's launch bay. Assault Boats travel to the targeted ship, and provoke an assault action if they reach them. Assault Boats are vulnerable to Fighter Squadrons and Defence Turrets.
Fighter Squadron: Fighter Squadrons are deployed from the ship's launch bays. Fighter Squadrons stay around the ship and try to stop any ordnance and torpedoes within 6000 units of the ship.
Torpedoes: The torpedo skill allows the ship to launch a spread of torpedoes from the prow. Warning: Torpedoes can hit your own ships!
Tactical cogitator: The tactical cogitator allows you to slow down the speed of the game by pressing [SpaceBar].
Assault Actions
Boarding Action: A boarding can be performed at an angle of 90° from each side of the ship. A boarding has a chance to deal critical damage on the targeted ship depending on its troop value. A successful boarding action will disable the warp jump of an enemy ship instead of dealing critical damage.
Lightning Strike: The Lightning Strike allows teleportation of an elite squad onto an enemy ship. The Lightning Strike has a chance of dealing critical damage to the targeted ship depending on its troop value. This action cannot be performed on a ship which still has its shield up. The Lightning Strike can be performed at 360° around the ship. A successful Lightning Strike will disable the warp jump of an enemy ship instead of dealing a critical.
Ramming: You can ram a ship by running into it. Ramming damage is defined by the max hull points and the speed of both ships. Ramming produces damage to both ships.
Combustion Gauge: Manoeuvres consume the Combustion Gauge which will replenish over time at cruising speed.
All Ahead Full: Orders the ship to power its engines at maximum capacity, enhancing its speed but consuming its Combustion Gauge and sacrificing its ability to turn.
Cruising Speed: Orders the ship to move at cruising speed, powering the engines normally. The ship then moves at its normal speed, and the combustion Gauge replenishes slowly.
Burn Retros: Using an array of retro engines, the ship is able to nullify its momentum and stop efficiently in the vacuum of space.
High Energy Turn Using its side thrusters, the ship is able to turn quickly to change course or face a new threat, at the cost of movement and combustion gauge. The ship retains part of its momentum while using his side thrusters.
Special orders
Reload!: The "Reload" order allows your ship to reduce the cooldown of your skills, combustion gauge and ordnances by 20%. Using a Special Order activate cooldown on all of them.
Lock On!: The Special Order "Lock on" allows your ship to focus fire on a ship and add resources to targeting systems. The accuracy of the ship is raised by 20%. The critical chances of the ships are augmented by 100%. Using a Special Order activates cooldown on all of them.
Brace For Impact!!: Brace for impact raises a ship's armour by 20%. Using a Special Order activates cooldown on all of them.
Running Silent: "Running silent" gives stealth to the ship. A stealth ship doesn't appear on the enemy screen and can't be targeted. If a stealth ship enters an enemy detection range, the ship is revealed. Using a Special Order activates cooldown on all of them.
Asteroid Field: A cluster of solid rocks floating in space. It is dangerous for ships to go through them. Asteroid fields make ships hidden. Asteroid fields inflict 10 Hull Damage per second to ships in them. Damage is mitigated by frontal armour. Asteroid fields reduce the precision of ships inside them by 2. Ordnances ignore Asteroid field damage. Stationary ships do not take damages from the asteroid field.
Gas Cloud: A voluminous gas cloud that impairs sensors, useful for protection or ambush. Ships in them are considered hidden.
MineField: Crude mines bound together by chains floating in space. Very dangerous to ships that try to pass through them. Ships that pass through take 400 immediate damage through their shields. Armour mitigates damage. Minefields ignore ordnances. After taking effect, the Mine field is removed.
Radiation Waves: Waves of radiation travelling indefinitely in space. They tend to mess with short range sensors. Detection capabilities of every ship reduced by 50%. Does not affect long range scanners.
Solar Eruption: A dangerous solar eruption that erodes the hulls of any ship not protected by shields. Ships without shields take 1 Hull Damage per second. Shield regeneration is allowed. Eldar are immune to Solar Eruptions.